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The Property:

A magnificent 93 hectare (230 acre) property encompassing a 22 hectare (55 acre) crystal clear, spring fed lake having an average depth of 10+ meters (33 feet). The lake resulted from a former limestone quarry and was officially named Kirkfield Lake in 1982 by the Ontario Minister of Natural Resources and is currently shown on all marine and Ontario road maps. The property is adjacent to the Trent Severn Waterway system and is geographically located 5 Km. (3 miles) north of the town of Kirkfield; 24 Km. (15 miles) east of Beaverton; 48 Km. (30 miles) from Lindsay and Orillia; and 120 Km. (75 miles) north-east of Toronto Ontario.

The Kawartha Lakes Area:

The Kawartha Lakes region is approx. a two hours drive north by north-east of Toronto.The Kawartha Lakes area is situated north east of Toronto and consists of an area of 3,083.06 km2 (1,190.38 square miles with approx.80,000 residents.There are 15 large lakes scattered in and around the Kawartha Lakes area with 8 being connected via the Trent Severn Waterway. This Waterway connects these lakes to Lake Ontario and subsequently into international waters.

Access to the property from Toronto is via Highway #48 North. There are also several alternate routes through rural townships and villages which provide a relaxing driving experience. Toronto International Airport arrivals would complete the trip to the property in approximately 2.5 hours.
The property is currently serviced with existing hydro lines and poles and wells are drilled with clean pure water from under-ground springs. Septic beds are used for waste water. Cellular phone service towers are installed throughout the area.

Features of the property:

The property is fenced and bermed for privacy and has the Trent Severn Waterway adjacent on the west side. The lake is sustained by 3 underground fresh water springs making it a “Shangri-La” for bass fishing and scuba diving. The perimeter of the lake is just over 1.6 Kms. (1.0 mile) and has a grade to water height of approximately 3 metres (10 ft.)
The water is clean and crystal clear with a blueness seldom seen anywhere. Swimming, snorkeling, sailing, wind surfing, canoeing, and paddleboats are all part of the summer fun with skating, trail skiing, ice fishing, and snowmobiling in the winter months.
Gas engine boats have not been allowed on the lake but electric boats are. There is a 50 metre (165 ft.) sand beach located on the west side of the lake where picnics, parties, horseshoe and volleyball tournaments are held. Scuba diving training schools have used the lake for many years and have setup an underwater obstacle course. There is also a private outdoor archery and pistol / rifle range located at the south end of the property.

From Entrance Gate to Patio Gardens

From Hiking Trails to Trail Riding

From Bass Fishing to Scuba Diving  

From Sailing to Paddle Boating

From The Beach to Horseshoes and Volleyball

From Archery to Pistol / Rifle Shooting

From Cross Country Skiing to Snowmobiling

This property provides it all.


The property is currently under lease and may be offered for sale in the future.  Further information may be obtained by contacting the following;

Mr. John Craig

Mr. Al Kearsey